Next Edition Out 15th March

The next edition of Blantyre Telegraph is out tomorrow morning, Monday 15th February 2016. Our edition 9, is once again in full colour on the best quality paper, printed kindly by Gavin Watson Printers. Read whats been going in Blantyre this last month and whats coming up in the next month, including news held back from this page.

Priced at just £1 , with the entire sales and advertising revenue going to local good causes, it can be bought from an ever increasing amount of businesses all over Blantyre.

  • Jinxy’s Bakery, Main Street, High Blantyre
  • Mo’s Family Shopper, Main Street, High Blantyre
  • Miners Welfare Community Resource centre
  • Carriagns Blantyre Coffee House, Broompark Road
  • Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydeview Shopping Centre
  • Blantyre Library, Clydeview Shopping Centre

If you would prefer to buy it online, it can be bought and downloaded here, safely using Paypal.

Please show your support. We can do so much more for Blantyre and all YOU need to do, is spend just £1. Thanks to all our readership.

new edition1



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