Goodbye Overhead Wires

It’s the end of an era as work continues to rid Blantyre of overhead street lighting cables. New poles continue to be erected by utility contractors in the Crescents, Welsh Drive and now work also started on Victoria Street, one of the few remaining places with cables.


New poles have already been put up [pictured 19/5/18], many in new positions and preparations are being made to remove the old standards and lamps. It will mean an end to the cables at this location which have criss-crossed the road since the early 1960’s.

New poles will be equipped with energy efficient LED lanterns, a cool white light, bringing an end to yellow halogen lamps. The changeover is a subject that has divided opinion in Lanarkshire, some people of the opinion that the new lamps are not as bright.

Photos Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph

Have your say. Are there overhead wires remaining in YOUR street? What do you think of the new LED white lamps being used throughout our town in recent years? Does anybody miss the yellow/orange warmer lighting?



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